Celpe Bras

Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese (CELPE-Bras)


The University of California, Davis, is the only institution accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education to administer the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners (Celpe-Bras) in the West Coast of The United States of America.

Officially acknowledged by the Brazilian government, the Celpe-Bras exam is useful for both professional and academic sectors.

There are four levels of certification: intermediate, higher intermediate, advanced, and higher advanced. The exam consists of listening, reading, oral, and written productions. We offer Celpe-Bras twice a year.

Unfortunately, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese will not offer the exam in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to explore other options to obtain a proficiency certificate in Portuguese, accessing the ACTFL assessments: https://www.languagetesting.com

For more information, please contact the exam coordinator, Dr. Eugênia Fernandes (esfernandes@ucdavis.edu).