Commitment to Diversity

Our Graduate Program welcomes students from every country, culture, and creed who seek rigorous study of Spanish and Portuguese cultural production. People speak Spanish and Portuguese in communities all over the globe, and the commitments and research of our program's students and faculty reflect these varied cultures. Because of this, we actively recruit talented, passionate students from around the world to our graduate program. A diverse graduate student body and a diversity of perspectives are key to our program's success and the success of our students as scholars, researchers, and instructors. So we affirm the university’s Principles of Community and commit ourselves to fostering an equitable, hospitable, and inclusive educational environment that is supportive of all students' success.

The graduate community at UC Davis values a diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences among its students with the knowledge that a diverse student body strengthens the research, scholarship, and teaching of all members of our community. As a part of our commitment to diversity there are numerous resources, events, and professional staff positioned to meet the needs of our diverse graduate students as they achieve their professional, educational, and career goals. Please feel free to contact Dr. Josephine Moreno at, UC Davis’ Graduate Diversity Officer for Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education, with any questions or concerns regarding diversity in Graduate Studies. For the latest on Grad Diversity initiatives please visit our homepage at