General Program Information

General Program Information

For program specific information, please see the M.A information or PhD information pages

Spanish Graduate Program Degree Requirements.pdf


  • Faculty Roster - Specializations
  • Department Chair
  • Graduate Advisers
  • Graduate Program Committee

Mentoring Information

  • Mentoring Guidelines
  • Guidelines for choosing mentors
  • Problem Solving: Where to go and who to ask

UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct

  • The responsibilities of students
  • The responsibilities of faculty
  • The responsibilities of the administration

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Navigating UC Davis

  • Computing Accounts
  • Registering for courses
  • ID Cards & Library Privileges
  • California Residency
  • Ordering Transcripts & Diplomas
  • Special Fees
  • Student Health and Counseling Services
  • For more information
  • housing resources_0.docx

Departmental Procedures 

  • Administrative Regulations
  • Navigating Sproul Hall

Professional Development, Job Search, & Graduation

  • Professional development & the job search
  • Participating in the graduate commencement ceremony
  • Filing for graduation
  • Setting up a Mock Interview