Faculty Research Interests Summary

Diana Aramburu, Ph.D. University of Chicago
Fields of Interest: Contemporary Iberian and Caribbean Crime Fiction, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Intersectionality and Transnational Feminisms, Graphic Narratives of the Spanish-speaking World, Maternity Studies, Illness Studies, and Decolonial Studies.

Leopoldo M. Bernucci, Ph.D., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Fields of Interest: Colonial and 19th-Century Latin American Literature; Amazonian Studies; Hispanic and Brazilian Epic; Euclides da Cunha; José Eustasio Rivera; Mario Vargas Llosa.

Travis G. Bradley, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
Fields of Interest: Phonetics and Phonology; Judeo-Spanish Linguistics; Historical Romance Phonology; Applied Linguistics and Technology-enhanced Language Learning

Agustina Carando, Ph.D., City University of New York
Fields of Interest: Spanish in the U.S., Bilingualism and Language Change, Heritage Language Education, Writing Development.

María Cecilia Colombi, Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara
Fields of Interest: Sociolinguistics; Spanish in the United States, Advanced literacy in Heritage Speakers, Academic Writing Development in L2/HL; Heritage Language Pedagogy. 

Daniela Gutiérrez-Flores, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Fields of Interest: Food in the Early Modern Hispanic World; Early Modern Spanish and Colonial Latin American Studies; Gender and Sexuality; Food Studies; Hunger Studies; Transoceanic Studies.

Robert McKee Irwin, Ph.D., New York University
Fields of Interest: Migrations and Borders; Masculinities and Sexualities; Mexican and Mexican Culture; Digital Storytelling and Community Engagement; Research Methods in Cultural Studies.

Michael J. Lazzara, Ph.D., Princeton University
Fields of Interest: Human Rights and Memory in Latin America, Literature and Culture of the Southern Cone, Film and Documentary Studies, Testimonial Genres  

Cristina Martínez Carazo, Ph.D., UC Davis
Fields of Interest: Historical memory in Spain; Transnational cinema; Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Spanish novel: Realism and visuality in literary texts.

Robert Patrick Newcomb, Ph.D., Brown University
Fields of Interest: comparative Luso-Hispanic literature; transnationalism and displacement; Iberianism and Iberian studies; Gibraltar and Gibraltarian literature; the essay, theory, and criticism; theory and methodology of comparative literature. 

Ana Peluffo, Ph.D., New York University
Fields of Interest: Affect and Emotions in Latin America; Andean and Nineteenth-century Studies; Intersectionality and Transnational Feminisms; Gender and Sexuality; Childhood Studies.

Claudia Sánchez Gutiérrez, Ph.D., University of Salamanca
Fields of Interest: Second Language Acquisition , Second Language Pedagogy, Vocabulary Learning/Teaching, Language Teachers' beliefs.

Emily Vazquez Enriquez, Ph.D., Cornell University
Fields of Interest: 20th/21st-Century Mexican, Central American, and Latinx Literatures and Cultures; Border and Migration Studies; Environmental Humanities: Ecocriticism and Animal Studies; Critical Race Theory; Sound Studies; Visual Culture