Luso Brazilian Minor page

Minor in Luso-Brazilian Studies

Program Advisors:

The Luso-Brazilian Studies minor offers students the opportunity to engage with the Portuguese-speaking world as a global space, as well as gain in-depth knowledge of Brazilian literature, culture and society. The minor is structured to facilitate engagement with Latin American, peninsular, and transatlantic topics, while ensuring that students master the essential skills of linguistic competence, and literary and cultural knowledge. Many students who major in Spanish opt to minor in Portuguese. We highly recommend that students participate in summer study abroad in Salvador, Brazil:  Courses taken in other study abroad programs may also count toward the minor.


Preparatory Subject Matter*  
  • First Year: POR 1-2-3 sequence or POR 31, 4-15 units
  • Second Year: POR 21-22 sequence (POR 1-2-3 or POR 31 required), 10 units
  • Portuguese Composition: POR 23 (POR 22 required), 4 units

*Note: Students with prior knowledge or study of Portuguese may opt to place out of first and second year Portuguese language courses. See program advisors to arrange a placement test.

22-33 Units

Depth Subject Matter  

These two courses:

  • POR 100: Principles of Luso-Brazilian Literature and Criticism, 4 units
  • POR 162: Introduction to Brazilian Literature, 4 units

Plus four courses from the following categories:

  • Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics: SPA 111N, SPA 115N, SPA 116, 3-4 units each
  • Topics in Brazilian Literature: POR 161*, POR 163, 4 units each
  • Humanities Electives: POR 159, POR 163, POR 198*, 4 units each
  • Social Sciences Electives: HIS 159, HIS 163A, HIS 163B, 4 units each


Notes: 1) certain depth courses may be substituted with the instructor's permission; 2) depth courses marked with a star (*) are offered as part of the Brazilian Literature, Culture, and the Arts summer abroad program in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

23-24 Units 

Download a checklist for the minor.